Come sun, rain, snow or ice, well maintained tyres are the key to keeping your vehicle on the road and under control, from the correct tyre pressure to the depth of your treads.

We can check car tyres and replace them if they are worn out or punctured, as well as advising on the severity of any side wall damage that could lead to a high-speed blow-out.

Tyres also contribute to road noise and your vehicle’s fuel economy, so if you want to invest in a set that will pay for itself in the long run, we can help.

Our Altrincham tyre servicing team can check your tyres for slow punctures and worn tread, and advise you on whether it’s time to think about replacing them.

New tyres can help you get more miles to the gallon, perform well in the wet and can even cut road noise, for a quieter drive no matter how far you have to go.


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